Hello and welcome! :)

Hello you!
Welcome to Vaderyale94!

This site is made by Anna-Maria C. .
The following text I copied from my patreon pageand will edit it a little bit, so you have a picture who this Anna chick is and why it might be cool to follow me!

Who is this Vaderyale94 anyway, why should i follow her, if she is not giving me something, that i could need it…

Hey, totally understandable 🙂

For your Information, what i would love to do with my Internet Name Vaderyale94 or already do.

Vaderyale94 is since I dont know 2008 or so, my name on the Internet. 🙂 It all started in Youtube. I have had a billion more names, but this is one the few on the internet i will always stick to.
My real name is Anna-Maria C.
I am studying to be a nurse in Germany.

I have ADHD.

I have had the diagnosis of Depression since 2013.
I got my A-Levels in Germany, even though I have these diagnosis‘  I just wrote about.
I have a Boyfriend, I am 25 years old (Will be 26 in May 2020) and my goal for this year is to get my exam in nursing in Germany and after that travel through europe, how and why and what, you will find out while i am buidling this site and myself :). I have billion ideas and some friends already know what i want to do. but everyday something new comes in my mind. I just need to write it down in my BuJo :D.

Vaderyale94 actually describes my life, how it went and how it goes. And is for me a way of coping with my every day struggles in the internet world. I don’t to want tobe embarrassing, i just want to be my honest and truest self.

If you like honesty, and want to follow the world of a girl being 25 and still figuring herself out, this is the name you are looking for. Honesty and being there for others are for me values that are the most important.
I grew up in a house full of polish people, the people from poland (or any eastern european country) are like the nicest people on the earth, love food and love to spoil their families, friends and everyone with food and everything else. We are people pleasers but super harsh and super honest and always talking (seems a bit aggressive to people).
Well actually right now I just described myself :D.
Just a little introduction.
I don’t want to get money from people yet, when i am not doing anything for them. Even though it seems like it, when you put up a patreon. i am just doing it for the future. When I have a clearer picture, what i can do in the internet, as a trained nurse 🙂 with all my hobbies etc. 🙂

Have a lovely day, anywhere you are!
Bye Bye,
yours Always,

Anna-Maria (Vaderyale94)

I think that is enough for now 🙂
See you soon,
yours Always
Anna-Maria C. (Vaderyale94) (editied on the 12th of February 2020)

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This is me and my life :) Building the best life for myself as i am an ADHD Brain

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