you gotta stay strong and not show that you are weak

You gotta stay strong and not show that you are weak.

you are not allowed to cry in public, because tears are weak.

tears a way of manipulation. you manipulate everyone when you cry. you are a cry baby.

you are not allowed to scream, because you have to talk like an adult.

i will not listen to you when you scream.

i will not listen to you when you scream even louder.

it is your own fault that you are like that.

I will not let you scream at me, because i took care of you, when you were a baby. i hold you in my arms, when you were a baby and your mom was in another hospital.

YOU MUST RESPECT ME, because I am your father.

I do respect and love you, dad. BUT YOU GOTTA LISTEN TO ME AND RESPECT ME too.


A free poem from Anna-Maria (Vaderyale94) written on the 14.02,2020

Veröffentlicht von vaderyale94

This is me and my life :) Building the best life for myself as i am an ADHD Brain

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